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Paulding County is located in Northwest Ohio. The county is served by two four lane highways US Rte. 30 on the south side and US Rte. 24 on the north side of the county. Both highways connect to Interstate 75 and Interstate 69. It is served by two railroads companies. The Norfolk & Southern (N&S) and the short line Napoleon Defiance & Western RR which connects to both the N&S and the CSX. Paulding is located east of Fort Wayne, Indiana which is the second largest city in Indiana.


Paulding County is mainly an agricultural area, but it is also home to a wide range of advanced manufacturing businesses including food processing, cement, plastic, electronic, automotive, and tempered glass manufacturing and transportation logistics companies. Paulding County has a number of clean energy projects including over 147 wind turbines, a number of solar ray energy farms and an Aerobic Bio digester located at a large commercial plastic recycling center.


Paulding County is served by three local K-12 school districts and one K-6 Catholic school and one Career Center. Antwerp Local Schools, Paulding Exempted Village Schools, Wayne Trace Local School and the Vantage Career Center. It is has over sixteen colleges and universities located within a 70 miles radius of the county.


Paulding County Economic Development, Inc. (PCED) is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that focuses on business retention, workforce development, business expansion, and business recruitment. PCED has a Small Business Innovation Center which provides low cost office and conference room space to businesses and organizations at 103 E Perry St in downtown Paulding. Learn more about PCED by visiting our website at



Tim Copsey, Executive Director

Paulding County Economic Development Incorporated

101 E. Perry St.

Paulding, OH 45879


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